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Project: Meat counter

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Matthias Bohm
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Quality in stainless steel for hygiene and cleanliness in meat-processing plants

Project: Meat counter at Famila

Grocery stores with meat or cheese counters need to comply with especially stringent hygienic requirements. Based in Schleswig in the northernmost part of Germany, Famila opted for quality stainless steel from Wiedemann-Technik, installing our products in the hygiene area behind the meat counter, and in the processing area.Floor drains and channels ensure maximum hygiene in this area.

Round floor drains are particularly suitable for use in synthetic resin flooring. The rounded channel ends keep the material from cracking, keeping bacteria from colonising nooks and joins. Square floor drains are usually used in tiled floors.

Stainless steel's resistance to corrosion and low maintenance ensure that the material satisfies any hygienic demand, as reflected in the high-quality workmanship you will find in our products.

We installed two IKR-S-070-150 box gutters in a two-part floor drain for the meat counter at this store, and we delivered one-piece as well as two-piece floor drains.

We also installed one-piece floor drains with horizontal outlets behind the cheese counter and preparation rooms; square floor drains are especially suited to tiled flooring.

Apart from that, we equipped the cool rooms with Wiedemann floor drains, and fitted the cleaning materials store with a specific floor basin to catch liquids from the cleaning trolley.

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We recommend the following products for use in this area:

Floor drains

    • Industrial floor drain DR-S / DR-W
    • Industrial floor drain H-S / H-W


    • Industrial channel IKR
    • Commercial channel GKR
    • Vario channel VKR
    • Industrial floor basin BOWA

Crash guards & edge protectors

    • Crash protection profile RSE
    • Crash protection post RP
    • Crash protection rail RG


    • Hinged service room door FT1
    • Hinged fire door T301
    • Sliding fire door FST301
    • Swing door PT1
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